Wilds of Ocerrok

You meet in a tavern...


Hail and well met, adventurer! This first post is sort of the christening of the thing. The gun firing to commence the race, if you will. Everything is in place for us to get started. All we need are a few brave souls to take their first steps outside the walls and safety of Villane.

Briefly, I mentioned in the rules that the players are the ones in the driver seat. The players plan what they want to explore or investigate and then that is what the next session will be about. By design, this is intended to prevent players from becoming too passive or just audience members along for the ride. Adventure only happens when it is sought out.

The campaign is structured to be a sandbox. In theory, you can go off and explore wherever you like. The land surrounding the town is generally pretty wild, so if you go anywhere, you’re bound to find some excitement or the excitement will find you. Initially, there are only a couple paths to choose from, but bare with me, once it gets rolling and you discover more, we should have a larger map and more options.

As for how we should organize the planning phase, email is probably the best bet. Everyone has it, we already use it, it’s great. That said, feel free to comment and communicate here about anything else.

That’s all for now. Go forth!


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